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We understand that getting a vendor on board can be time-consuming with loads of paperwork and a chain of approvals to ensure the legal and financial check points are taken care of. It’s inevitable that someone will miss a thing or two and delay the project delivery or pay-out process. This can be daunting especially when you are a large company and want a small boutique vendor to come on board to quickly deliver a critical project.

New vendor engagement and registration is a burdensome, uphill task. Vendors may not have the required licenses or infrastructure to meet your company’s pre-requisites but have the highly skilled talent to assist on your projects and deliver the desired solutions.

Heawn takes the stress away when managing third-party vendors.

Our Master Service Provider provides a way to easily outsource your vendor management to us! We work as a single shop service provider to your company, and you may align these vendors whose projects can even be routed through us. We take care of all the necessary paperwork and legal requirements to onboard vendors quickly and ensure seamless services and payment processing through us.

From vetting the credibility and capabilities of these vendors, Heawn does it all! We are your cost friendly, one-stop solution for all third-party vendor management. While partnering with us, we provide transparency throughout your entire project to minimize risks and help your business grow stress free. Checking compliance with industry regulations is one of the most important aspects of evaluating the vendors to make sure they have the capabilities to deliver on the scope as well as remain secure and compliant.

From vendor risk management to providing seamless service, Heawn adds joy to your business by being your trusted partner.

About us

We believe that all of us have limitless potential that exists within each of us. We dedicate our efforts and savour an eternal state of eternity, joy, true self and purity. We come together and discover a common goal, develop a trust-worthy team and create joy while working on projects.

We aim to find these joyous people that match your requirements in consulting & staffing and add value to the projects. The team is led by experienced professionals and have been adding joy to everything we do, for decades.

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