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Companies are evolving in their approach when it comes to their staffing needs. The ever-changing nature of today’s business world is compelling companies to move away from hiring incremental resources for a fixed hours project towards contracting for outcome-based solution. With this becoming the trend, shared responsibility between clients and consulting firms becomes critical.

At Heawn, we embrace this trend joyfully. We have specialized resources to help companies across industries to achieve their business objectives and invest in the success of our partners. We focus on outcomes and provide both business and resource focused offerings.

We are very flexible in our approach and work the way the client feels comfortable – through a shared commitment to innovation, integrity, and excellence. Heawn commits to deliver value through accelerated time-to-productivity, flexible and practical resource allocation, high retention rate, consistency of skills and process, comfortable knowledge transfer, and the ability to focus on results.

We bring talent across near-shore and off-shore, on-site and off-site locations, or WFH for IT, Digital & Creative, and Professional Staffing. We believe in maintaining close relationships with our regional talent markets so that we can procure the professionals you need to achieve your business goals.

With Heawn, you get the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective manpower solutions in today’s marketplace.

Our Offerings

Staff Augmentation

We find the functional and technical domain experts to supplement your core team and required business objective.


We hire the talent referred by clients and take over employer responsibilities including onboarding, payroll & benefits, compliance & consultant engagement.

Direct Sourcing

We leverage client’s brand and our recruitment team to source, screen, onboard and manage staff engagement.

Quick Start Team

We set up the whole team for the clients and let them manage the way they would like.

Managed Capacity

We not only set the team for the client, but also manage them operationally.

Project Delivery

We deliver effective solution based on the pre-agreed statement of work (SoW), in the given timelines and most cost-effective manner.


We find you the resources for your project-based outcomes.


We capitalize on our talent networks, domain/functional expertise, and the client’s brand reputation to find the perfect resource for you to hire full-time.

Technology Staffing

Most business today need technical staff who have experience across latest technologies and experience working on live projects, to stay ahead of the curve.

We provide the pre-screened candidates who have made a mark in their current projects. With years of experience in this industry, we’ve learned that a single brief and job description doesn’t fit all. When you partner with Heawn, you will find a personalized approach for all your tech manpower requirements. Whether you are looking for a few resources for a short-term engagement, an end-to-end project deliverable or expert consulting, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Don’t let identifying and acquiring the right talent delay your project deliverables. Partnering with Heawn allows you to focus on your core offerings while we deliver high-achieving talent.

Digital & Creative Staffing

We are powered by industry professionals with decades of experience behind them and a network of professionals – from small creative agencies to large businesses house. We provide you with the top creative and marketing professionals and pride ourselves in being a partner to both our customers and to the large pool of candidates in our pipeline. We can support you in reimagining your brand identity, engaging a new audience, creating more compelling content, elevating your design, or simply just covering a team that’s short staffed at the worst possible moment.

We have large pool of resources across Creative, Content, Video, Marketing, Project Management, eCommerce, Public Relations, Lifestyle and Fashion

working on key MNC client’s and have the expertise to manage individuals and teams to suit your requirements.

We're more than your average recruiter. We understand the unique needs of the creative community and match you with the right talent every time. We can be your partner throughout the hiring process, whether you need a short-term freelancer, temp-to-perm contractor, or a direct hire.

Professional Staffing

Working in an office, you know that things wouldn’t get done right on time if it weren’t for the administrative or support staff professionals.

The Professional, Finance, and HR services industry is one of the economy's most important and influential sectors. We place associates across a variety of positions - from accounting services and HR resources to office, call center, and professional roles. To fill positions requiring specialized professional skills, we have experts who find the right candidates with the right experience. With our decades of experience, we're ready to support your staffing needs.

Looking for personnel in Finance, HR, Admin, and any other support function, we are there to back you up. Have a vast pool of talented people available for the appropriate fitment.

Offshore Staffing Services

Kick-start your projects with a vast pool of offshore talent supporting you at each stage of your project cycle.

Save personnel and infrastructure costs by sourcing a skilled workforce overseas that aligns with your needs. Ensure your projects runs without skipping any deadlines with our hand-picked offshore talent. These resources come with strong IT skills, rigorous training, and exceptional work etiquette. Our offshore talent agency helps you achieve greater organizational agility with on-demand, offshore staffing solutions. Heawn meticulously screens all offshore resources before deploying them on your projects.

Our recruitment team help find right-fit candidates across the geographies by evaluating their skills, experience, business acumen, and the ability to work in a group environment. Our screening and evaluation methods ensure top-notch professionals are hired for deliverables.

Heawn has a team dedicated to the transitioning practice and is very efficient at assuming management responsibility and becoming the employer of record for a consultant, group of consultants, or project team previously on-boarded by another vendor.

With Heawn, you can be rest assured that you're getting the best staffing service possible. That’s the joy of having Heawn procure your staffing needs, working towards a common goal – adding joy to your business and the people it touches.

About us

We believe that all of us have limitless potential that exists within each of us. We dedicate our efforts and savour an eternal state of eternity, joy, true self and purity. We come together and discover a common goal, develop a trust-worthy team and create joy while working on projects.

We aim to find these joyous people that match your requirements in consulting & staffing and add value to the projects. The team is led by experienced professionals and have been adding joy to everything we do, for decades.

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